ADF Innovation Awards 2022 winners

The ADF Innovation Awards aim to identify and celebrate the world’s best innovations in aerosols and dispensing systems that have been introduced to the market in the past year.

ADF Innovation Awards 2022 winners

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In November 2021, our prestigious jury from brands including KAO, Beiersdorf, Unilever and many more came together to judge the ADF Innovation Awards. 

An official awards ceremony was held on 29 & 30 June 2022 at ADF Paris. Scroll down to discover the winners! 

Personal Care - Award winner

Award winner

Ecorefill – Caring Foam Soap- REFILL REUSE REDUCE – Beiersdorf AG 

The refillable bottle is made of 100% recycled material. Nivea chose a transparent material for the bottle to make sure consumers can fill the exact amount of water to dissolve the tablet perfectly. The screw-on pump supports the consumer’s experience by dispensing a caring foam. The packaging for these recharges is a folding box with no plastic coating, making the product more climate friendly. 

Personal Care - Certificate winners

NIVEA ECODEO climate friendlier spray - Beiersdorf

The “Ecodeo” format uses a superior patented valve technology from Salvalco. It enables replacement of propane and butane with nitrogen which is environmentally friendly without sacrificing the aerosol spray performance.

Tension Body - Yonwoo

Tension Body is an airless packaging that can dispense the cosmetic product by pushing the outer bottle inward rather than pushing the actuator like the typical packaging does.

Cien pure&fresh Deodorant (male & female) - TUBEX GmbH

The brand Cien wanted a whole new can with the latest sustainable solutions available in aerosol cans. Reduction in weight, use of PCR, sustainable lacquers, varnishes and inks.

Household - Award winner

Award winner

Robijn Dry Wash Spray – Farmol S.p.A.

Robyn Dry Wash Spray is a Bag On Valve system which consists of an aluminium can closed by a valve on which a flexible multiplayer film bag, containing the product to be dispensed, is affixed. 

Household - Certificate winners

Bath Magiclrean Air Jet (Continuous discharged trigger sprayer) - KAO Corporation

The objective of this design was to make it easy for bath cleaning. Therefore, they developed a new trigger sprayer which can be applied formulation to entire the bathtub easily and evenly. The requirement for this product was to develop the trigger sprayer with the structure and a shape that can be discharged continuously by anyone.

Virusend™ - Pritchard Spray Technology Ltd.

The brief for the refill pack was to create the world’s first refill pack aerosol . The packaging was designed to be visibly impressive whilst not comprising on high quality recyclable materials.

Industrial and Technical Application - Award winner

Award winner


ArcelorMittal the first steel company to commercialise a Bisphenol-A Non-Intent (BPANI) pre-lacquered steel offer for the mountain cup, the main component of the aerosol valve. This new solution has overall similar in-use performance compare to existing epoxy-based products, for example in terms of formability and chemical resistance. The innovation also exhibits a very good flexibility for the manufacturing step and ensures a very high level of protection against the risk of corrosion by the aerosol content.

Concept of the Year - Award winner

Award winner

PURE Overvarnish – TUBEX GmbH

This can show the latest development in over varnish. So far standard over varnishes are based on Polyester – which originates from mineral oil. Water based over varnish has 10% conventional solvents. For the first time, this over varnish has a little amount of biodegradable solvents. 

Concept of the Year - Certificate winners

Flairosol - AFA Dispensing

The Flairosol System is an innovative spray technology for liquid dispensing that enables consumers in the personal care market to combine a high sustainability performance with supreme personal indulgence.

Digital Printing Technology - Coster Group

With a smart technology and a brand-new in-house digital printing machine, Coster is now able to offer decorated surfaces and graphic effects on components surfaces.

Auto Loading Eco Dropper - Yonwoo

All the components that were used for this new dispenser are made from polyolefin (PP/PE) only and it is now 100% recyclable and easy to separate for recycling.


XTrem pump is a 100% PP pump with no metal unlike traditional pumps available on the cosmetic market. This all-plastic pump can be easily recycled in a single recycling channel, giving new life to plastic.

ADF Sustainable Innovation - Award winner

Award winner

3cc One Material Pump – Yonwoo

All the components used for this dispenser are made from polyolefin (PP/PE) only and it is 100% recyclable and easy to separate for recycling as the designers were intended to develop a 100% sustainable dispenser.

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