PLD Innovation Awards 2022 winners

The PLD Innovation Awards aim to identify and celebrate the world’s best innovations in aerosols and dispensing systems that have been introduced to the market in the past year.

PLD Innovation Awards 2022 winners

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In November 2021, our prestigious jury from brands including Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, The Coca Cola Company and many more came together to judge the PLD Innovation Awards. 

An official awards ceremony was held on 29 & 30 June 2022 at PLD Paris. Scroll down to discover the winners! 

Spirits & Liquors - Premium & Luxury - Award winners

Award winner

Melifera – I. Distilling&co

A special bottle for a special legend and for a premium spirit. The designers wanted to imagine a bottle that told the story of Melifera and at the same time captured the delicacy of the immortelle flower distilled in the gin. Both research and story telling were essential to get the creation of the shape and the concept of the glassware.

Award winner

XO – End of year 2021/2022 – E.Rémy Martin & Cie

The designers met the initial brief thanks to the use of polychrome chromatography on the carafe and the use of a 100% cardboard cushioning and closure system for the box.

Spirits & Liquors - Premium & Luxury - Certificate winners

Fontagard Single Malt - LES FRENCHY

The designers imagined a design different to what is already on the market by the glass and colour. Through this, they had to embody the brand founders’ requirements. At the entrance of the distillery's cellars, there is a statue of a chimera whose legend tells that it has been protecting those cellars since their creation. It has become a symbol and this made the designers decided to make it the logo.

Isle de Raasay - Stoelzle Flaconnage Ltd

Stranger & Stranger worked with glass manufacturers Stoelzle Flaconnage to create this bottle. The design process was inspired by three key themes - a sense of place, Raasay's precious elements and its rich modern island distillery. The colours in the design evoke Raasay's precious elements.

Spirits & Liquors - Mass Market - Award winner

Award winner

Havana Club 7 – Golden Bottle – Limited Edition – Pernod Ricard

The Havana Club 7 Golden bottle was designed to provide outstanding visibility in the on and off-trade and to boost desirability for Havana Club’s target consumers to show off with. The pack achieves visibility, its main objective. The golden sleeve adds a bold signature colour making the pack stand out during the festive season. 

Spirits & Liquors - Mass Market - Certificate winner

Certificate winner

Rhum Clément – Cuvée Canne Bleue 2021  – Sleever International

Sleever managed to express the sparkling, colourful, and joyful creation, mixing several products resulting in a striking and appealing bottle. The Metalfest product brings a sophisticated and coloured metallic shininess, whilst the Skinsense product allows to create the texture and visual effect of sequins and sparkles.

Sparkling Wines and Champagne - Certificate winner

Certificate winner

Folding Box Champagne de Sousa “Cuvée des Caudalies” 

The mastery of this project lies within the appropriate choice of this eco-responsible paper from the latest innovations in upcycling. A very beautiful creative paper is available in low grammage for the label but also in higher grammages which perfectly adapt to the needs of premium packaging.

Presentation Pack - Award winner

Award winner

Perrier Jouët – Lighted Label – DAPY PARIS

The aim of this design was to create a new sustainable and recyclable lighted label that could match the new Pernod Ricard Sustainability guidelines. With this new construction, Pernod Ricard is now able to deliver the goods directly to its markets without having to go through co-packing. This way, the end users are able to reuse the label on different bottles during the same night and be able to maximize the impact of the lighted label.

Sustainable Innovation - Award winner

Award winner

Bio’teille  – Le Petit Baroudeur

The objective of this pack was to develop a new innovative wine bottle based on a cross between the authentic shapes of the traditional wine bottle and the capacity techniques of the bag-in-box, while exploiting the innovations of mono-material plastics, compatible with recycling channels.

E-Commerce - Award winners

Award winner

Daisy Gin – Sustainable Kit – MPO

To sublimate its product, Daisy Gin called upon MPO to create a sustainable packaging, reflecting its values. The idea was simple: to design a 100% cardboard packaging, which could be recycled, and which guaranteed the protection of the products and their transport.

Award winner

Havana Club – Party Pack – Pernod Ricard

The initial brief was to build a pack that could be ordered online easily and that would, once it arrives, provide consumers with everything they need for a night with friends. The designers insisted on having a box that would be evocative for the Gen Z and that could pick up on street culture references.

E-Commerce - Certificate winner

Certificate winner

Martini Non Alcoholic Bi Pack – Bacardi – Martini

The intention of this design was to convert a regular parcel unpacking into a brand immersion experience, changing the e-com purchasing approach. This is why the designers developed specific premium gift packs with a full inside printing, including all Martini non alcoholic brand visual identity. 

Packaging Re-Design - Award winner

Award winner

Hilltop and Hilltop Premium Wines – MORPHO

On Hilltop’s renewed labels the designers introduced this flavour circle in a clearer, more memorable form. The aroma maps on the labels help even novice wine consumers find their way around the varieties and wines, making it easier for them to choose.

Still Wine - Certificate winner

Certificate winner

Obsédé du Cru – Earl MAS D ARCAY

The label of this wine is quite sober, with only the word “Obsessed” above a hilly landscape. A the right of the label is a wax bucket. When you pull on it and gently peel off the bucket and the first layer of and the first layer of the label, the second label is revealed, which only takes up the lines of the hilly landscape, which then becomes subjective.

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