Catidom, with almost 50 years’ experience of anodization, is a proven partner for the sector.

Its technical know-how, gives Catidom a position as a reference either in:
– Hard anodizing (markets of automotive, aerospace, military …)
With a hard-coated surface up to 110 µm and 600 Vickers
– Color anodizing (markets of cosmetics, perfumes, health,…)
With a surface between 3 and 20 µm thickness reaching 200 Vickers hardness, more than 100 developed colors in mat, satin, semi-bright or glossy
– Prestige anodizing (market of luxury products in watches, leatherwork,…)
With surface between 20 and 30 µm thickness reaching 350 Vickers hardness, and an almost unlimited possibility of colors

With its highly automated production lines Catidom has a production capacity over 1 million pieces per day.

Catidom is part of the Group Coster profiting on all aspect from the structure and the reputation of the Group in Europe and worldwide.

Catidom is certified ISO9001. ISO14001 forecasted end 2022


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