Softline Extreme aluminium jar range extended to include new deep and shallow collections
Roberts Metal Packaging, Europe’s leading provider of pre-threaded screw-caps, godets and aluminium and tinplate containers, has relaunched its popular classic Softline Extreme aluminium jar range with two new collections.
The pack, which features a threaded lid and flat, angular bottom, is now available in deep and shallow ranges.
Softline Extreme Deep includes 75ml up to 250ml capacity, with a new 170ml option. These sizes provide the perfect packaging format for health and beauty products such as lip balm and body butter.

Softline Extreme Shallow is available from 25ml up to 120ml capacity, but with a new 100ml pack now available. The new shallow collection provides ergonomic packaging options for products such as hand and face creams or even household products such as natural furniture polish.

Chris Saunders, Roberts Metal Packaging Managing Director, commented:
“Our Softline Extreme range was originally launched over a decade ago and has proved incredibly popular with customers who have utilised this packaging format for products from beard balms to solid fragrances. In fact, only last year our entry to the UK Packaging Awards for Swiss brand, Shea Yeah body butter and hand balms, featured the Softline Extreme aluminium jar and received the judges’ highly commended accolade.
“Certainly, in the last few years, and in the context of health and beauty especially, we’ve noticed more customers switching to metal containers because of metal’s highly rated sustainability credentials, not least its status as a permanently available material which can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality.
“It’s this increasing demand that has led to our relaunch with two collections that showcase the versatility, size and depth of the entire Softline Extreme range.”

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