Account Support Employee (Business unit Rituals)

As an account support employee, you have an indispensable role in our company. After all, this department is where all orders come in from our existing customers. In this position, together with an account manager and project manager, you are responsible for the Rituals account and other key accounts. You will manage the entire process from order to delivery of our packaging to the filler. When the customer's order comes in, you will check with great care that everything is correct. We liaise with our colleagues in China to place the order and they then place the order with the manufacturers/suppliers - our partners. During this process, you monitor deadlines of our orders and liaise with our supply chain to keep customers up-to-date at all times. In doing so, you keep a comprehensive forecast of our customers, so that we can proactively engage with both our customers and our production team for the timely delivery of our packaging.

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