Whipt – the new vegan-friendly whipped cream

Alamance Foods has introduced Whipt – a new vegan whipped cream that comes in three types, including oat, almond and coconut, reports World Aerosols.

According to Alamance, the demand for goods like Whipt is expected to rise in a post-pandemic world where many people are more concerned about their health as they have said: “light whipped cream with lower fat content will be in more demand.”

The rise in demand for vegan products can also be explained by the public’s concern regarding the impact of dairy products on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Vegan ingredients like oat, almond and coconut, that are the base of this product, consume a lot loss water and have lower impacts on climate change.

Whipt comes in a recyclable steel can that has a shelf life of 180 days, meaning that it is likely to be used over a longer period of time compared to a dairy alternative.

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