Smart Badge Technology for visitors

Your e-business card

As a visitor, gathering information during your visit at Paris Packaging Week is incredibly simple. During the registration process onsite, you will receive a Smart Badge, featuring a special integrated NFC chip. With this Smart Badge, you can effortlessly gather exhibitor information by sliding it over the exhibitor’s badge reader, which is a unique reader displayed by every exhibitor at their stand. Following your visit, you will receive an email containing a comprehensive list of all the exhibitors you’ve scanned.

How does it work?

  1. Place your smart badge against the exhibitor readers that you want to get information from.
  2. The smart reader will illuminate in green and emit a beep – that means it’s working!
  3. Later in the day, you will receive an email containing information about all the exhibitors whose you have touched with your smart badge on their readers.

What are the benefits:


Drive your innovation

ADF, PCD, PLD and Packaging Première, the four events at Paris Packaging Week, are a platform for you to drive innovation, business, and connections.

Bigger and better hall

Soyez inspiré par les Innovation Awards, qui récompensent l'excellence en innovation des aérosols, des produits de beauté et des boissons premium.


Four conference theatres dedicated to design, sustainability, innovation and aerosols will help you to tackle your key packaging challenges.

World-leading suppliers

Meet 600+ suppliers who are ready to present their high-quality packaging solutions, innovations and materials.


Uncover the latest and greatest packaging in the market at the Pentawards design gallery and the Innovation Awards gallery.

Opening night awards party

Be inspired by the Innovation Awards, celebrating excellence in aerosol, beauty and premium drinks packaging.


Meet the most influential people, connect and do business in our range of relaxed and stylish networking lounges and bars.