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PLD Innovation Awards 2024 winners


PLD Innovation Awards 2024

In December 2023, our prestigious panel of judges, comprising brands such as Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Champagne Tattinger and many others, met to judge the entries for the PLD Innovation Awards.

The official awards ceremony took place on 17 & 18 January 2024 at PLD Paris. Discover the winners below! 

NEW: Mass Market Innovation (<€15)

LatCub® Premium 900x600


LatCub® Premium

LatCub® Premium, developed by Alzamora Group, is an eco-friendly solution for transporting cans, with fully recyclable materials and customisable designs.

Product presented by HEINEKEN.



AU VODKA is distinguished by its HDPE tube packaging with a holographic effect, creating a “BlingBling” look for night markets, while being fully recyclable and made from a single material.

Product presented by Stratus Packaging.

Innovation Mass Market (€15 - €30)

On the Fringe 900x600


On the Fringe

Cherubino Wines’ “On the Fringe” stands out for its innovative label design, created using MCC inkjet printing technology, which produces a unique tear effect and highlights the philosophy of creative winemaking and pushing the boundaries.

Product presented by Denomination.

Super & Ultra Premium Innovation (€30-€100)


Rhum J.M Canopée

Rhum J.M Canopée, designed by WestRock, is a premium and ethical rum packaging, reflecting the distillery’s commitment to ecology and craftsmanship with renewable cardboard, low-migration ink and minimalist decorative stamping.

Product presented by Westrock.

Rhum J.M Canopée 900x600


Grey Goose Night Vision 2023

Grey Goose Night Vision 2023, a limited edition designed for nightclubs, features a holographic aurora borealis effect enhanced by an LED base, achieved through complex cold stamping and CMYK printing on the label.

Product presented by Bacardi.

Luxury Innovation (€100 - €1000)


Horizon Single Cru

Horizon Single Cru elegantly combines sustainable development with embossed decoration on the bottle using inkjet technology and FSC-certified cardboard packaging, evoking an ancient book to preserve the heritage of cognac.

Product presented by Martell.


Tequila Barajas Bottle

Combining Mexican roots with Japanese techniques, the Barajas Tequila Bottle is a unique handcrafted masterpiece, designed to represent the high quality of tequila and the essence of Mexican art.

Product presented by Barajas.

Value Added Packaging


Dugas Advent Calendar - The Whisky / Rum Library

The Dugas Advent Calendar, designed by MPO, features a sturdy cardboard structure and an innovative double-hinged design, capable of supporting 24 glass miniatures, offering a better user experience.

Product presented by Dugas, distributor of outstanding spirtis/MPO.

Sustainable Innovation


Belle Epoque Cocoon Limited Edition by Fernando Laposse

This limited edition of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque, in collaboration with artist Fernando Laposse, features light, recyclable packaging that combines nature and elegance with sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact.

Product presented by Maison Perrier-Jouët, MMPJ Pernod Ricard.


Hautes Glaces

Hautes Glaces has redefined the packaging for its organic French whisky, using 96% recycled glass, a cap made from grain residues and a minimalist label on PEFC-certified paper, all in an elegant, sustainable design.

Product presented by Rémy Cointreau.


Hautes Glaces 900x600

Hyper-luxury and bespoke products (>€1000)

Hennessy Paradis 900x600


Hennessy Paradis

Hennessy Paradis is distinguished by its 3D-molded wood and metal packaging, which reflects the bottle’s iconic shape and embodies a commitment to sustainable development and luxury.

Product presented by Hennessy / Pusterla 1880 / Danzer.

AWARD WINNER – Special Jury Prize

Collection Dames Jeanne Martell

The Dames Jeanne Martell Collection reinvents traditional glass lady-johns with hand-blown glass, basketry and decorative elements, encapsulating exclusive vintages and embodying exceptional luxury and craftsmanship.

Product presented by Martell & Cie, Ultra Prestige packaging development.

Collection Dames Jeanne Martell 900x600


Grand Marnier Quintessence - Ritual "Ribbon Pourer"

Grand Marnier Quintessence’s “Ribbon Verser” ritual is a 200g stainless steel piece designed to complement the decanter and introduce a unique, twisted pouring gesture while aerating the liquid.

Product presented by Grand-Marnier / Chic.

Packaging Redesign


Iconic Dom Pérignon Institutional Gift Box

The Dom Pérignon Institutional Gift Box embodies elegance and sustainability, with a modernized, mono-material design using recycled paper and cardboard, completely eliminating plastic for a 100% recyclable solution.

Product presented by Dom Pérignon / Pusterla.

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