Guerlain and its love for bees and biodiversity

Guerlain has, for many years, been a pioneer in tackling corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues, from as early as 2007 with the commencement of its sustainable development project. One example of this is the adoption of the bee as the forefront of the brand. The bee has been the emblem of Guerlain since 1853, and is a nod to the House’s efforts in sustainability, reports Journal du luxe.

The Guerlain bee is more than just a method of expression for the brand: it has aided the protection and safeguarding of this precious insect.

In 2010, Guerlain’s R&D teams were searching for the ideal components for its, at the time, future bestseller, the Abeille Royale collection. After doing global research, the Guerlain team discovered the black bee on the island of Ouessant, a UNESCO Natural Reserve. These bees enjoyed an ecosystem considered to be one of the purest in the world.

This discovery marked the commencement of a long-term collaboration with the ACANB (Association Conservatoire de l’Abeille Noire Bretonne), of which supplies Guerlain with a portion of its annual honey production, in exchange for financial support for its actions in favour of bees.

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