Guerlain unveils refillable PCR flacon for Aqua Allegoria revamp

LVMH-owned Guerlain is revamping its Aqua Allegoria collection as it seeks to make its fragrances – and its packaging – more sustainable. The brand has revealed a new, refillable flacon made using 15% PCR glass, as well as a new fragrance, Nerolia Vetiver.

For 2022, Guerlain has reinvented its Aqua Allegoria fragrance collection – first launched in 1999 – with a new flacon, revisited formulas and a brand new scent.

The flacon which takes its cues from Guerlain’s iconic bee bottle, also produced by the French glassmaker, uses Pochet’s new SEVA3 glass, which integrates 15% recycled glass from household waste collection, while retaining its shine and transparency.

The flacon is topped with a golden injected plastic cap and gold galvandised honeycomb adornment. Fitted with a screw pump, the bottle is now refillable. Guerlain opted for Techniplast’s RT-Twist technology for the refill, which combines a glass bottle, paper label and white cap, egraved with the Guerlain brand name on the top. 

Guerlain claims that the 125ml flacon and 200ml refill cut down on the use of glass by 24% and plastic by 44% compared to using two 125ml and one 75ml flacon, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

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