Armin: reviving the spirit of Armagnac

Newly launched artisanal spirits brand Armin is out to modernize the image of Armagnac, one of the oldest French eaux-de-vie. The brand offers two versions of the spirit – aged for six years and for 10 years.

Armagnac, the world’s oldest type of brandy, produced in Gascony (southwestern France), is lesser-known and often overshadowed by cognac. Armin, a brand founded in late 2020 by a trio of entrepreneurs, is out to revamp the spirit’s old-fashioned look with a bold and fresh new image.

The brand entrusted Paris-based design agency Bonjour Paris with its branding and product design.

The Armagnac is housed in Saverglass’ standard Little Sumo bottle, screenprinted on the front and back (Bernadet). Depicting Comte d’Armagnac, the first producer of the spirit, as a rooster – the French national animal – the decor showcases the spirit’s contemporary and playful rebranding.

Topped with a composite, wooden head stopper (Les Bouchages Delage), the Armagnac comes in a cardboard box (Prindis). For its 10-year-old version, the brand opted for a cardboard coffret that unfolds to unveil the bottle nestled in its center.

Armin’s 10-year-old Armagnac is priced at €49 for 50cl, while the six-year-old retails for €32 for 50cl.

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