86% of under 45s willing to pay more for sustainable packaging

A report by Trivium Packaging‘s 2022 Global Buying Green Report based on a survey of more than 15,000 consumers across Europe found out that 86% of those aged 45 and under said they were willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

The data shows consumer demand for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging has remained remarkably stable over the past few years despite societal changes.

Key findings conclude that overall, consumer demand for sustainable packaging remains high. 70% identify as environmentally aware, up 3% from last year. 68% of consumers have chosen a product based on its sustainability credentials in the last six months, according to a new study. The results indicate that more than two thirds of consumers identify as environmentally conscious and that they are putting awareness into action.

74% of respondents expressed an interest in buying products in refillable packaging. According to the survey, consumers are seeking recyclable packaging but also recognize the importance of reusing packaging as a means of extending its life. Consumer products are increasingly finding that refillable packaging is both versatile and valuable.

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