A futuristic design for Bowmore x Aston Martin ARC-52 whisky

Scottish distillery Bowmore has unveiled a 52-year-old single malt whisky. Manufactured in collaboration with luxury carmaker Aston Martin, the Bowmore ARC-52 “harnesses heritage and innovation” in its futuristic decanter.

The Bowmore Distillery, owned by Beam Suntory, has once again partnered with Aston Martin to bring to life an amazing decanter housing one of the oldest whiskies in the Bowmore portfolio. The hand-blown decanter (Waltersperger), made of cosmetic-grade flint glass, rests on two points, making it appear almost suspended in the air.

Its complex design is the result of a collaboration between Bowmore and Aston Martin’s automotive engineers. The curved organic shape required a series of prototypes before the final decanter could be made, which was achieved through asymmetrical glass blowing and multiple castings. For the lettering on the coating, Waltersperger applied a sandblasting engraving.

“We sought to produce something that had never been seen before and I think we created a real work of art. By considering balance as the most important factor, as we do in the design of Aston Martin cars, we have harnessed heritage and innovation in an ARC-52 execution,” Marek Reichman, creative director at Aston Martin, said in a statement.

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