Paul Smith launches first collection of home fragrances

Following the recent debut of Paul Smith ‘Home,’ the British clothing company Paul Smith is expanding its product line by releasing its first line of diffusers and scented candles, reports Fashion Network.

This collection of four perfumes offers a “olfactory journey” into the world of Paul Smith, who founded his namesake business in 1970 with a tiny boutique in Nottingham. The designer drew inspiration from his personality, recollections, favourite places, and particular times in his life.

The candle holders are displayed in glasses of two complementary colours and have caps that double as coasters. Once the diffusers or wicks have been depleted, they can be reused as ornamental items thanks to their timeless and simple form, encouraging a circular economy. There is no cellophane in the packaging, which was also developed with sustainability in mind.

“The creative process didn’t end with the fragrances. I was always very keen to place a lot of focus on the design of the vessels themselves. I really enjoy the combination of colour and light in the containers and I hope they will become keepsakes in their own right,” explained Smith.

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