Report: The future of watches and jewellery by Positive Luxury

Positive Luxury is a group formed to help brands, suppliers and retailers across the globe adapt to the everchanging climate economy. Being ESG+ certified by Positive Luxury will enable companies to manage risk, embed innovation and credibly foster consumer trust.

Fine jewellery and watches, also referred to as ‘hard luxury’ products, have been produced within opaque supply chains and unsustainable production processes for a long time.

However, in recent years we have seen a shift. The impending climate crisis is a cause for concern for many brands. A lot of whom are being forced to reconsider their unsustainable actions and in turn, pursue planet-positive production along their entire supply chain.

Positive Luxury | Jewellery
It is Positive Luxury’s goal to present innovative solutions to the sustainability issues facing the hard luxury market, in order for brands to utilise these improvements and create a more sustainable future for the jewellery market.

Read the full article to discover more about…

  • Planet-positive materials
  • Waste reduction along the supply chain
  • ‘Fast’ jewellery
  • Positive solutions for people and the planet
  • The Butterfly Mark
  • Radical transparency in the production process

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