Focus on… Our favourite packs of the month

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite packs from November so far! We would like to thank the brands and designers for their excellent work.

We invite you to check out this striking packaging system for Erenzia beauty: female-founded and cruelty-free beauty line celebrating the beauty of being Latina.

The packaging system coincides with the brand’s identity: graphic illustrations of women are presented on each label and are accompanied by vibrant pink and red colours.

“We are passionate about creating a beauty experience that puts Latinas first by supporting, claiming, and celebrating their unique authenticity, diversity, and creativity,” said Brand & Product Co-Founder, Alina Gonzalez.

Skincare packaging

A year after the launch of its Les Extraits perfume collection, Louis Vuitton is introducing the Les Extraits Murano Art Edition.

The bottle houses Louis Vuitton’s Symphony fragrance from the original Les Extraits collection composed by house perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

And while the cap of the previous collection was made of a sheet of aluminum “crumpled like fabric”, the Murano Art Edition reinvents the same shape using Venetian glassmaking.

Louis Vuitton Perfume Packaging

Kūlia is a Hawaiian luxury skincare brand, who’s goal is to create a new standard in organic skincare. The brand’s strive towards creating this new standard for luxury skincare is represented in its name: ‘Kūlia’ means ‘strive’ in Hawaiian.

Every ingredient within this line is certified organic or wild grown, and held to the industry’s highest standards.

The founder, Jasmine Keeney called upon Designsake studio to develop the brand’s packaging identity. The designers said, “We ditched neutral colour schemes and foil finishes that saturate the clean beauty space and swapped them for custom floral illustrations inspired by Hawaiian Islands: the products are decorated with lush leaves and birds of paradise.”

Kulia Hawaiian skincare packaging

New genderless French perfume brand, Anomalia Paris, has debuted with a seven-strong fragrance collection, named ‘Essence Versatile’.

The packaging is influenced by vintage perfume bottles, with ribbed flacons featuring a heavy asymmetrical base with the brand’s monogram in relief.

The refillable geometric flacons are topped with an asymmetrical black zamak stopper.

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