Podcast: Cory Connors x Diana Verde talk about ESG, intelligent packaging, climate change, and more

Cory Connors, our newest Paris Packaging Week partner, is a sustainable packaging advocate and the owner of the Sustainable Packaging Podcast. Cory recently collaborated with Diana Verde, Co-founder of Positive Luxury.
Positive Luxury | Jewellery

Listen to the full podcast to uncover:

  • Diana Verde’s background
  • The importance of ESG and sustainability to Positive Luxury
  • How packaging has changed in the last 25 years
  • The climate crisis
  • Intelligent packaging and how this is changing mindsets
  • Understanding the meaning of Positive Luxury’s ‘butterfly mark’
  • Positive Luxury’s role in helping brands adapt to a new climate economy
  • Diana’s first time tips for Paris
  • And so much more!

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