International shipments of aluminium cans increased by 5.5% in 2022

Global deliveries of aluminium aerosol cans rose 5.5% to around three billion units in in the first half of 2022, according to figures from members of AEROBAL, reports Aerosol Europe.

This rapid growth is said to be due to increased demand from the pharmaceutical, hairspray and household sectors, which grew by 9%, 34% and 15% respectively compared to the previous year.

However, despite this major increase, there is worry among aerosol can producers, given the recent energy crisis and fear of a potential future recession. AEROBAL President, Wan Tsang Lin says, “The global energy crisis, logistics bottlenecks and the lack of skilled workers are amongst the biggest worries of international aluminium aerosol can producers. In many regions energy and gas prices have recently skyrocketed and put can producers under great pressure. In addition, the industry is increasingly struggling to find skilled labour which has become a strategically important factor for all companies to stay competitive in future. However, the aluminium aerosol can industry also holds an important ace up its sleeve because of the excellent sustainability credentials of aluminium.”

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