Scentys develops a new electric fragrance diffuser

Serge Lutens, the luxury perfume house has teamed up with Scenty’s, to design and produce an electric fragrance diffuser, reports Industries Cosmétiques.

Scentys are an expert in perfume diffusion, and have been since 2004. Their goal was to develop a perfume diffuser that best meets the various challenges concerning the quality of diffusion and restitution of fragrances in the air, without compromising the products luxury and premium aesthetic.

“Since its creation, Serge Lutens, the pioneer of confidential perfumery, has offered its customers an unparalleled olfactory experience. This philosophy is in line with our desire to put technology at the service of perfume. Each fragrance is perfectly restored thanks to our proprietary technology: a capsule composed of perfume beads that slips into the diffuser for a dry and faithful diffusion” says Pierre Loustric, President of Scentys.

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