Gucci launches cocktail in collaboration with Giorgio Bargiani

The Italian luxury fashion giant, Gucci has partnered with Connaught bar mixologist, Giorgio Bargiani to launch its first collector’s cocktails, reports The Spirits Business.

The cocktail, named Gucci Elisir d’Elicriso, was first introduced to Italy last summer, to commemorate the newly established Gucci Giardino 25 bar in Florence.

“This collaboration has been an absolute delight and honour. Blending my ever-evolving heritage and passion with the dedication and excellence of the team at Gucci Giardino 25 has allowed us to create something new and visionary in the world of hospitality. Elisir d’Elicriso encapsulates the flavours and aromas of our Tuscany, with a touch of faraway allure, for an elegant serve that captivates the palate and the senses. I am very excited to see that this creation is now available in London, my second home.”, comments Giorgio Bargiani.

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