Design case study | Caprae – the Armenian white wine brand

Caprae is a contemporary wine that blends the ancient traditions of winemaking in Armenia with modern techniques. Launched in 2022, this wine represents a harmonious fusion of cultural heritage and innovative technology. Founder and CEO of Wedo Creative design agency, Davit Hovagimyan answers our questions.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story, and its markets – and the brief for this project. How does the design express the brand’s values? What inspired the design? 

Caprae wine was established in 2022. It came to clash the cultural heritage of winemaking with the strong pillars of the past and the advanced technologies of today.

Our team introduced a good product with a goal to become a legendary brand. From naming to full branding and packaging design, we wanted to create a brand that one cannot ignore when seen on the shelves. So we started our research and discovered a legend that was more than related to our product.

As the legend of the drunken goat states, wine has been discovered as a drink that quenches our thirst for emotions. Therefore, we chose Caprae (Latin) – a female goat, as the main character and inspiration behind the brand and named the wines accordingly.

In packaging design, we wanted to highlight the uniqueness and individuality of the product. With hand-drawn illustrations and elegant design, we ended up with a packaging that became one of the most famous and eye-catching wines in the industry.

Design Case Study | Caprae

What is innovative or unusual about the pack? 

As mentioned above, the concept of Caprae is based on a legend of a drunken goat that became a  discoverer of wine. In packaging design, we aimed to portray the goat’s character artistically yet with class, with hand-drawn illustrations and design that will catch everyone’s eyes and make them want to discover its story.

Design Case Study | Caprae

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

One of the main challenges was creating the legendary goat’s character as we imagined, adding wine-related illustration details that would complete the packaging design but not overshadow the goat. Also making sure that the goat and its horns are portrayed correctly – as they should, considering the region where it’s from and lastly to make sure it looks great with UV print.

Design Case Study | Caprae
What reactions have you had from consumers?
CAPRAE became one of the most beloved wines in Armenia in a very short period of time because of its unique and eye-catching packaging that we’re extremely proud of. As the product itself was wonderful, our task was to cooperate and evaluate the results. I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done along with our partners and our team, as the love that CAPRAE has received is indescribable.
Agency: Wedo Creative
Product: Caprae
Launch Location: Armenia

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