PCD Innovation Awards Spotlight | Pepe Jeans Bright EDP For Her

In December 2022, our prestigious jury from brands including Chanel, Dior, Interparfums and many more came together to judge the PCD Innovation Awards. The finalists and winners of the PCD Innovation Awards 2023 were announced, recognised and applauded at PCD Paris, part of Paris Packaging Week in January 2023.

Fragrances - Women Certificate Winner: Pepe Jeans Bright EDP For Her

Please describe the brief for the pack. What were the objectives for the innovation project? What were the requirements and constraints?

A feminine design, very sophisticated, with a link to fashion house, commited.

The main objectives were to offer to the customer a environmentally responsible product ensuring the quality and the preservation of the fragrance.

The two main requirements were that one part of the product should be reusable and the other one was the preservation and quality of the fragrance should not be affected by the developed system.
The main constraints were to maintain a compact and easy to use packaging and good communication to the consumer as this a new packaging concept in perfumery.

How did the pack fulfil the brief? Please describe the technical innovations in the pack and the challenges they address

Nowadays there exists refillable products on the market, but we find perfume loses quality when refilled. That’s why we suggested a recharge where the perfume can preserve all the properties and quality with the crimped pump. At the same time, we offer an environmentally responsible product, with the screwed reusable spray-cap which can be reused infinite times. Recharge is easy disassembled with a simply and smooth screw thread in the neck bottle. The pump is automatically connected to the diffuser when the bottle gets totally screwed to the spray cap and diffuser is pressed.

Why do you believe this pack deserves to win an Innovation Award?

With its new launch, we wanted to promote the more sustainable side of the brand by creating a more committed product and reducing environmental impact. From the use of recycled and recyclable materials and sustainably sourced ingredients to its innovative bottle recharge system, allowing significant reduction of materials waste. To go one step further, we have developed a reusable spray cap, that ensures always the best quality and preservations of the fragrance.

The fragrance can be recharged in both 80ml and 50ml perfume format, as they share the same spray cap, thus reducing product waste.

Who did you work with on this project? Please list the brand owners, packaging manufacturers, design agencies and anyone else involved in the creation of the pack and briefly say how they contributed.

The packaging design was completely designed and developed inhouse in collaboration with our Marketing, Design and Technical Development Teams.

We worked together with some of our trusted suppliers.
We developed the spray cap together with Mayer Packaging and Silgan Dispensing Systems for the pump and diffuser.

The bottle is produced by Ramón Clemente and the outer box by Egisa.

Congratulations to all those involved in the creation of this innovative pack! Entries for the Innovation Awards 2024 will open in the autumn of this year.

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