Coach launches circular fashion brand

The American brand has introduced Coachtopia, a label born out of collaborative design on Slack and circular craft.

Launched last month, the brand is based on available material, and aims to use recycled, reused or renewable materials only.

Leather products are made from at least 50% of Coach’s production offcuts or from partner recycling centres. Coachtopia aims to produce 95% recycled cotton t-shirts and hoodies and 100% recycled polyester canvas bags.

All products are designed to be easily deconstructed, repaired and/or redesigned. Items can be exchanged in a Coach shop thanks to the NFC chip that guarantees their traceability.

Circularity is about reinventing not only the product life cycle, but also the relationship between the brand, the planet and the consumer,” says Joon Silverstein, Coach’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Creative & Sustainability and appointed head of Coachtopia.

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