Plastipak claims to produce ‘world’s first’ PET resin from captured carbon emissions using LanzaTech technology

Said to be the world’s first PET resin made from captured carbon emissions, PlastiPak has produced PPKNatura. Using LanzaTech’s carbon capture technology, it’s set to be used in applications across the pharmaceutical, personal care, and traditional food sectors.

“Proprietary bacteria are applied to consume a variety of waste feedstocks and convert them into new chemicals, which can be turned into packaging, clothing, laundry detergent, aviation fuel, and more” the Packaging Europe article states.

The process, according to LanzaTech, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and results in a lower carbon footprint while maintaining its technical properties.

“LanzaTech’s commercial technology is designed to enable our partners in diverse industries to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact,” said Jennifer Holmgren, chief executive officer of LanzaTech. “Our partnership with Plastipak is critical to demonstrating what is possible today. Today we are producing food- and pharmaceutical-grade packaging and are well on our way to creating a more sustainable future for all.”

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