The first fragrance collection by Victoria Beckham Beauty

The house is presenting its collection of three fragrances: Portofino ’97, Suite 302 and Ysidro Drive. The scents are inspired by Victoria Beckham’s distinct moments, places and experiences.

While Portofino ’97 evokes the scent of burgeoning romance and crisp white sheets, Suite 302 is more reminiscent of hotel rooms and weekends in Paris. Finally, Saint Ysidro Drive offers an oceanic air and a mending and motivating spirit.

Working very closely with Steven Klein we have captured our own unique take on how to bring to life visually a luxury perfume in 2023. It was also very important for us as a luxury house to offer choice, and launching three fragrances was a key consideration. I think these fragrances are very signature and will stand the test of the time“, says Victoria Beckham.

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