Despray Environmental has reached a milestone by recycling over 500 million aerosol cans

Over the past 25 years, Despray Environmental has recycled and removed from the waste stream over 560 million aerosol cans, achieving a 100% recycling rate.

The organisation said that its ongoing efforts are currently processing 260 boxes per second, and that this figure is set to rise with each new Despray system commissioned.

Our achievements reflect our dedication to creating a sustainable future by recycling 100% of aerosol cans and their contents. Not only does our technology capture the metal but it also captures the liquid contents and propellant gasses for further waste to energy solutions” .

Working alongside Mike Mackay, we have transformed aerosol recycling from a previous unsafe, unrecyclable waste stream to a safe and 100% recyclable waste stream. Eliminating these greenhouse gasses from entering our atmosphere contributes to a more sustainable planet” stated Eelco Osse.

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