PLD Innovation Awards Spotlight | Tequila Barajas Bottle

In December 2023, our prestigious jury, made up of brands such as Moët Hennessy, La Martiniquaise, Rémy Cointreau and many others, met to judge the PLD Innovation Awards. The finalists and winners of the PLD Innovation Awards were announced, recognised and applauded at PLD Paris, part of Paris Packaging Week in January 2024.

Luxury Innovation (€100– € 1000) - Tequila Barajas Bottle - Daniel Barajas

Please describe the brief for the pack. What were the objectives for the innovation project? What were the requirements and constraints?

The design brief for Tequila Barajas’ bottle aimed at creating a distinctive and visually appealing representation of our brand. The primary objectives of the innovation project were to convey the premium quality of our tequila, capture the essence of Mexican artistry, and ensure a unique presence on the market.

The requirements included incorporating elements inspired by the agave plant, reflecting our commitment to tradition and craftsmanship.

The collaborative effort resulted in a bottle that not only signifies the exceptional tequila within but also stands as a work of art.

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How did the pack fulfil the brief? Please describe the technical innovations in the pack and the challenges they address

This collaboration was a fusion of Mexican roots, Japanese techniques, and avant-garde decorative trends and symbols. The resulting bottle, a representation of the earth, which is the agave plant that undergoes a metamorphosis from an agave plant to a bottle.

The bottle was made over the course of ten days with a team of eight- nine artisans. The artisan responsible for painting the bottle dedicates seven hours to perfecting every detail, making each bottle a masterpiece. Every finished piece is not merely a product; it’s a unique work of art.

Pld award spotlight

Why do you believe this pack deserves to win an Innovation Award?

This innovative approach, blending the finest aspects of Mexican tradition with timeless design, sets our pack apart in the industry. It’s not just a container; it’s a representation of the harmonious relationship between nature and human ingenuity. This, we believe, makes our pack a deserving candidate for an Innovation Award.

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Who did you work with on this project? 

Daniel Barajas: Coordination and decision maker.
Karen Gonzalez: Shape of the Bottle designer.
Viviana Mendoza: Decoration of the end bottle.
Servin Mexico: Knowledge of the ceramic and the way to decorate.

PLD Award spotlight

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