Lightweighting & recycled glass for O-I’s Estampe stock wine bottle

At trade show Wine Paris, glassmaker O-I unveiled a new stock wine bottle. Boasting a lower glass weight than the industry standard and integrating more than 82% recycled glass, its residual carbon emissions are offset in a process validated by the Carbon Trust.

O-I has added a new stock bottle to its wine packaging portfolio for the French market. Dubbed Estampe, the bottle weighs 390g for a footprint of 249g of CO2 equivalent. This represents a 25% decrease in carbon emissions compared to a standard 500g bottle, according to the glassmaker.

“This is one of the lightest bottles in our catalog,” Ernesto Ghigna, O-I Marketing Manager Europe (Wines) tells Formes de Luxe, adding that the bottle is made using 82% recycled glass. “We wanted to create a bottle that still has a premium feel, and keep the push up,” adds Melianthe Leeman, Global Marketing Director, Wines and Spirits at O-I.

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