PLD Innovation Awards Spotlight | Dugas Advent Calendar – The Whisky / Rum Library

In December 2023, our prestigious jury, made up of brands such as Moët Hennessy, La Martiniquaise, Rémy Cointreau and many others, met to judge the PLD Innovation Awards. The finalists and winners of the PLD Innovation Awards were announced, recognised and applauded at Paris Packaging Week in January 2024.

Category: Value Added Packaging

Please describe the brief for the pack. What were the objectives for the innovation project? What were the requirements and constraints?

Dugas’ challenge was to find a service provider capable of managing the entire packaging project while meeting the technical challenges.

The idea was to find a partner offering a 360° solution, which would manage the entire project from the design of the calendar to the filling of the mignonettes, including the manufacture of the packaging and co-packing.

The technical challenge lay in designing a calendar that could support the weight of 24 glass mignonettes.

Dugas Advent Calendar - PLD Innovation Awards 3
How did the pack fulfil the brief? Please describe the technical innovations in the pack and the challenges they address.

MPO offered an overall project management. MPO has designed, developed and manufactured the calendar. We also called on a partner to bottle and co-pack the calendar. The MPO teams also provided sourcing services to provide glass mignonettes of 2cl from oil market to suit the bottling line.

To guarantee the calendar’s sturdiness, MPO proposed a concept consisting of two rigid cardboard box bottoms with a double hinge. The central cardboard tray in each of the box bottoms hide the leather laces inside the boxes and incorporate cuts, making it easier to hold each folding box.

Dugas Advent Calendar - PLD Innovation Awards 2
Why do you believe this pack deserves to win an Innovation Award?

This packaging deserves an innovation award for a number of reasons:

  • Its elegant, modern look, enhanced by a leather strap closure.
  • Its design, which ensures that it is sturdy, protects the mignonettes and is easy to handle.
  • MPO’s ability to manage the entire project, from design to manufacture of the calendar and from bottling to co-packing of the mignonettes.
Dugas Advent Calendar - PLD Innovation Awards 1

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