Can beverage brands succeed without labels?

Les marques de boissons peuvent-elles réussir sans étiquette ?

Coca-Cola is removing labels from Sprite bottles in a UK trial in a bid to improve sustainability: presenting a bare bottle on shelves. Will other brands follow suit – or will branding and marketing teams decide the move is simply too risky? Eliminating the label represents a reduction in the amount of packaging materials used, […]

Ball unveils its annual report

Ball dévoile les points forts de son rapport annuel

In 2023, the conditions have been created to reinforce Ball’s commitment to creating measurable value and advancing sustainability through scalable, low-carbon aluminium packaging solutions. At a time when adaptability, sustainability and resilience are key priorities, Ball, with its 144 years of experience, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation to ensure the long-term success of its […]