PlantSea introduces the inaugural seaweed-based packaging featuring the OPRL ‘Recycle’ label

In what appears to be a pioneering achievement for seaweed-based packaging, PlantSea’s packaging materials have earned the OPRL ‘Recycle’ label, signifying its ability to be recycled in standard paper waste streams.

PlantSea offers its materials in various weights, combining seaweed-derived fibers with both recycled and virgin paper fibers. The seaweed is said to be sourced as a by-product from the UK aquaculture industry, with PlantSea aiming for its utilisation to contribute positively to marine conservation and sea life.

It is always exciting to see innovation and the successful application of novel materials in packaging. As businesses look to adapt or replace current packaging types to meet sustainability goals or legislation, OPRL is keen to support them with labelling that helps consumers make the right choices around recycling” said Alice Harlock, director of Technical and Member Services at OPRL.

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