Crealis introduces coiffes and capsules made from recycled materials

To mark World Recycling Day, Crealis is launching R-Derma, a capsule and coiffe solution designed to support the circular economy. This innovative product is made from a polylaminated material consisting of two outer layers.

The Crealis PET+ capsule, made from 35% recycled post-consumer waste, gives waste a second life while reducing carbon footprint by -28.5% and water footprint by -13.7% compared to PVC.

In an innovative collaboration, Sparflex, a specialist in champagne bottle coiffes, partners with Replace, a company from Marne, to create the “Tutofi” stake. This product is marketed by La Compagnie des Agrafes à Vigne, a company based in Aube. Sparflex plans to supply 220 tons of material per year, enabling the production of nearly 2.5 million stakes.

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