Aptar Beauty and iD Scent: a promising collaboration

Aptar Beauty’s acquisition of iD Scent in 2023 has enabled it to enhance its fragrance sampling offering. The result meets market expectations by combining exclusive technology with an infinite number of customisation options.

Aptar Beauty currently offers four different formats: Scentouch, Scentest, Scentdow and Scentpad. They are versatile and adaptable to all markets: premium, luxury, niche, etc. They are genuine communications tools that can be adapted to all distribution channels.

“We’re seeing strong interest from brands in iD Scent technology because of its durability, personalisation and long-lasting effect. The fragrance lasts for at least a year, with stability tests to back it up! The creativity offered by this sampling solution is limitless. We can create several types of shapes, forms, cuts, decorations and finishes” says Saveria Guelfucci, EMEA Marketing Manager Beauty Mini Packaging and Turnkey Solutions.

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