Cambridge- based packaging company launches first-of-its-kind paper bottle machine

‘This is the world’s first bottle that can be mass-produced and easily used on existing filling lines,’ said Kinsbrae Packaging president Shawn Bonnick.

The bottles start life as flat cardboard that is fully recycled after use, and are then labelled directly onto them at Kinsbrae Packaging, covering the entire surface, including the bottom. Thanks to their flat, lightweight design, prefabricated bottles considerably reduce storage space in lorries and warehouses. The bottles are then filled by the spirits manufacturers themselves. The first batch of these bottles was produced at Kinsbrae Packaging for Georgian Bay, an Ontario-based spirits company.

‘With these bottles, we can fit nearly 47,000 bottles into a single transport truck. Glass, because of its weight, can only hold less than half that number. So we can send 200% more bottles in a transport truck compared to the glass variant,’ said Bonnick.

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