BAMA releases UK aerosol filling figures for 2023

UK aerosol filling figures for 2023 show that volume remained stable compared to 2022, despite geo-political developments, supply chain challenges and the cost-of-living crisis says the British Aerosol Manufacturing Association (BAMA) in its press release.

In personal care, the survey reveals the sector made up the lion’s share of filling volume. It accounts for 74% of the total, which is up from 71% in 2022.

In the household sector, macro environment factors again played a role as the post-Covid era likely affected the continued decline of hard surface cleaners.

The most significant change in the 2023 filling data compared to 2022 is the split between tinplate and aluminium aerosols. Of the 1.42 billion units produced during 2023, 543 million were made from tinplate, while the remaining 877 million were aluminium.

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