Perrier lays the foundations for its Maison

Nestlé Waters is launching Maison Perrier, a new collective brand bringing together a range of innovative drinks under the famous Perrier label.

Perrier is entering a new chapter in its evolution. After an eventful 2023, the famous mineral water is diversifying with the creation of Maison Perrier, an umbrella brand bringing together a series of innovative drinks. This new offering will co-exist with the historic brand and comprises four distinct collections of sparkling drinks: Magnetic Juice, Energize, Forever, and Chic, each with a unique visual identity.

Magnetic Juice offers four varieties based on fruit juices: pineapple-mango, strawberry-kiwi, lemon-guava and peach-cherry. Energize includes three vitamin and caffeine enriched options (80g per can), with natural blackberry, peach and lime flavours.

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