ADF Innovation Awards 2024 winners


ADF Innovation Awards 2024

In December 2023, our prestigious panel of judges, made up of brands such as KAO, Beiersdorf, Unilever and many others, met to judge the entries for the ADF Innovation Awards.

The official awards ceremony took place on 18 January 2024 at ADF Paris. Discover the winners below!

Personal care

PureOra36500 CREAMY TOOTHPASTE 900x600


PureOra36500 Creamy Toothpaste

The PureOra36500 Creamy Toothpaste is a revolutionary pump-type toothpaste container designed to replace traditional tubes. This unique container is Japan’s first refillable toothpaste container, offering ease of use and minimal waste.

Product presented by Kao Corporation.


Nivea Pearl & Beauty

Nivea Pearl & Beauty aerosol can features a distinctive design using a combination of dark, translucent, and light-coloured, shimmering inks to create an eye-catching pearl effect with fine gradients. The design leverages the copy dot technique for high-definition printing, ensuring the light-coloured pearl isn’t tinted by the darker ink, thereby maintaining its luminous, three-dimensional appearance.

Product presented by TUBEX GmbH.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty 900x600
SAGE Azalea Flow Control 900x600


SAGE Azalea Flow Control

SAGE® Azalea Flow Control is an innovative, mono-material, and 100% recyclable packaging designed for precise application and flow control of personal care formulas. It features a unique unidirectional valve technology, available in different sizes and capacities, to accommodate various product needs.

Product presented by DTS Europe.


Refill by Respray Solution Kft

Refill from Respray Solutions Kft. introduces a sustainable refillable aerosol deodorant system, launched in January 2023. This innovation features a unique machine for safe filling and cans made from 50% recycled aluminium, designed for multiple use and recycling, marking a milestone in sustainable personal care.

Product presented by TUBEX GmbH.

Refill by Respray Solution Kft 900x600

Concept of the year


Kao Salon Color Wizard

The Kao Salon Color Wizard simplifies salon operations by reducing the variety of hydrogen peroxide developer lotions needed, using a user-friendly, innovative dispensing system.

Product presented by Kao Germany GmbH.

Kao Salon Color Wizard 900x600
Rainbow 900x600



Rainbow is an innovative aerosol can decoration concept using a new type of ink that reflects light to display multiple colours, enhancing shelf appeal with a unique, shimmering rainbow effect.

Product presented by TUBEX GmbH.

FEA Aerosol Technology of the year


Rabanne Shimmer Bomb

Rabanne Shimmer Bomb by ENVASES GROUP is an innovative aerosol can featuring a 360° metallized effect, created using a unique, integrated hot stamping technology on the production line.

Product presented by ENVASES GROUP.


Sustainable Innovation

Minimalist 900x600



Minimalist is a ground-breaking dispenser for aerosol cans made nearly entirely of aluminium, designed to enhance recyclability. This innovative dispenser addresses the challenges of recycling aerosol cans by using mono-material, making it easier to recycle and aligning with new packaging and waste regulations.

Product presented by TUBEX GmbH.


CFPA and BPA-NI for steel mounting cups

CFPA and BPA-NI for steel mounting cups represent a significant advancement in aerosol valve technology. These cups, made from pre-lacquered tinplate, are designed to comply with emerging regulations by eliminating Chrome-Free Passivation (CFPA), Bisphenol-A (BPA), and per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Launched in September 2023, this product offers high forming ability and excellent corrosion protection.

Product presented by ArcelorMittal Flat Europe.

CFPA and BPA-NI for steel mounting cups 900x600
Nivea Deo Spray + New Leipzig Aerosol Production Center 900x600


Nivea Deo Spray + New Leipzig Aerosol Production Center

The Nivea Deo Spray + New Leipzig Aerosol Production Center, launched on 3 May 2023, represents a significant step forward in sustainable packaging. It features lighter weight and recyclable materials, with the cans using at least 50% recycled aluminium. This innovation reduces overall material use and CO2e emissions by 58%, equivalent to 30,000 tonnes of CO2e per year. The Leipzig production site runs on renewable energy, further strengthening its sustainable development credentials.

Product presented by Beiersdorf AG, Head Office.

Industrial products


Monoblock Steel Can for Förch TF60

The Monoblock Steel Can for Förch TF60 represents a significant evolution in aerosol can production, using DWI technology adapted from aluminium to tinplate. This innovation offers a can with no seams or weldings, providing higher pressure resistance and better recyclability compared to traditional cans.

Product presented by xtracan GmbH.

Monoblock Steel Can for Förch TF60 900x600


Lysol Air Sanitizer 900x600


Lysol Air Sanitizer

Lysol Air Sanitizer is an innovative aerosol pack designed to effectively volatize and project its active material, maximizing room coverage for air sanitization. The package incorporates advancements in propellant, actuator, valve stem orifices, and stem vapor taps to create a super-saturated vapor state of the active ingredient.

Product presented by Reckitt.

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