ARYUM is the leading aluminium aerosol can manufacturer, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The facility is located in Tuzla at Istanbul Industry & Free Trade Zone, and has a production capacity of 125 million aluminium cans per year with 5 production lines.

While providing the standard & shaped aluminium aerosol cans with the widest range in 35Ø, 45Ø, 50Ø, 53Ø (and 66Ø soon), Aryum developed a unique technology in 2015 called “360° Embossed Shaping with Oriented Printing” and has started to produce different embossed shapes in 45, 50 and 53Ø since then.

Compared to the aluminium aerosol cans with traditional standard shapes, 360° Embossed Shaping with Oriented Printing Technology gives a unique shaped deformation around the circumference of the aluminium can and this enables a special 360° deformed & printed area apart from the flat surface of the can where you can highlight your brand or logo.


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