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Chengtian Germany GmbH

Chengtian Germany GmbH

About us

Established in 1988, CHENGTIAN Group of Companies specialize in the research, development and manufacture of rubber parts and components for use in aerosol valves which are in turn used in cosmetics,medicines, food, household, automobile and high-tech industries.
CHENGTIAN dedicates itself to providing high quality and environment friendly products to our customers.
All raw materials used in our products are FDA and ROHS certified. Our products are phthalate free. To monitor the processing of raw materials to finished goods, we constantly update and upgrade our laboratory and inspection equipment. Samples are sent regularly for testing by international inspection company SGS.
With advanced production facilities, high technology, high accuracy inspection equipment and professional staff, CHENGTIAN has grown into the largest manufacturer of aerosol valve rubber gaskets in the world. We have achieved an production output of 10.9 billion pieces gaskets in year 2021. Our main product mounting cup gasket, captures over 95% of the China market, and we export gaskets to many global aerosol valve manufacturers around the world.
CHENGTIAN complies with the international quality management system, ISO 9001 :2015 throughout the entire production process. We built a reputable brand in the aerosol valve area and we are focusing on making ourselves “The Preferred Choice” of aerosol valve rubber gaskets internationally.

In 2016 CHENGTIAN GERMANY GMBH was established.


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