Since 1874, Climalife has been the specialist in thermodynamics and technical fluids for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. In 2021, our brand expanded its scope and now includes the Dehon Group’s fine chemicals offer as part of a sustainable development approach.

Our mission is to connect players with the eco-efficient industry of tomorrow by strengthening our innovation and responding with greater agility to rapidly changing markets.

Our expertise and proactiveness allow us to increase our portfolio of offers and services which are adapted to multiple industry processes. Through this global and integrated approach, we better understand the needs of our customers and end-users.

Climalife offers a wide range of customised products and services: aerosol propellants, expansion and extinguishing agents, industrial and special gases, refrigerants, heat transfer fluids, oils, leak detection, cleaning as well as analyses, services and engineering.

Leader in the European market, our territorial coverage is the strength behind our success and enables us to work more closely with our customers.

Our distribution network is worldwide, delivered via our export subsidiary. We have deployed our key success factors in growing markets, by setting up subsidiaries in Russia, China and most recently, in Singapore and United Arab Emirates.

Our constant growth is the result of our customers’ loyalty and the solid relationships we have with world-renowned partners and producers.

Carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency are at the heart of our value creation model. As a pioneer in recovery and reclaim of fluorinated greenhouse gases, the concept of a circular economy constitutes the very essence of our brand.

Climalife is accelerating its commitment to an eco-efficient industry by supporting its customers to choose solutions that have an even lower impact on our ecosystem.

To make professionals’ daily life easier, Climalife has fully integrated digital technologies and is adapting its services towards even more connected tools for a successful user experience.

Climalife, the expert in eco-efficient solutions to service the industry



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