Colep Consumer Products

Colep Consumer Products

Colep Consumer Products is a leading player in the global market for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Home Care segments. The company offers integrated manufacturing and logistics solutions for contract manufacturing services in those segments, focusing strongly on innovation and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing).

Supported by cutting-edge technological tools and experienced teams with expertise in both Aerosols and Liquids & Creams, Colep-CP operates in Europe (Vale de Cambra – Portugal, Regensburg – Germany, and Kleszczów – Poland), has a manufacturing unit dedicated to Personal Care in Querétaro – Mexico, and provides contract manufacturing services to Personal Care and Home Care industries through Colep Louveira – Brazil.

The Company has a strategic alliance with the “One Asia Network”, a partnership of three successful contract manufacturers: “Daizo” – in Japan, “Pax” – in Australia, and “Wonder Products” – in India, which covers a variety of needs in the Asia region. This platform, “ACOA – The Alliance of Colep and One Asia”, shares best practices, expertise, innovation knowledge, and experience in manufacturing and supply chain.

With industrial units in Europe, Mexico and Brazil, and with “ACOA”, Colep Consumer Products has a network that enables it to support its customers globally.



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