! 100% Alu ! TWIN STAR Cap

Sustainable development is the major collective challenge on the agenda of the planet. For high-end brands in our sector, it is not an altruistic opportunity anymore, but a real business imperative.

More and more, there is a clear desire to go further in the development of products incorporating more sustainable materials and properties. Aluminium is not only lightweight, strong and beautiful, it’s also highly recyclable.

The life cycle of an aluminium product is not the usual “cradle-to-grave” chain, but rather a renewable “cradle-to-cradle” sequence. This quality of infinite recyclability has led to a situation where today almost 3 quarters of the aluminium ever produced is still in productive use, some of it having been through countless loops of product lifecycle!

With this in mind and with aluminium as our core-trade, FLOSTY, always looking for innovative and efficient answers, presents the first full-aluminium cap, where both external and internal pieces are made of this metal: the TWIN STAR.

It is a full metal copy of our existing best seller, the STAR cap. In this new version, no plastic insert and no glue, both components are fitted together by friction, creating a 100% aluminium cap which has the advantage of a triangulated one (fully recyclable with a low carbon footprint) but also the edge of a cap with insert: quality, finish, sensation and touch.

No need to disassemble the cap in the moment of recycling it to reinject the aluminium into a full lifecycle span.

Real luxury is by definition durable.

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! 100% Alu ! TWIN GLAM Cap

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