Léa Egger & Julie Zimmermann



Léa EGGER: As CEO of Pardi, Léa Egger is responsible for communications, product development and business development. Her initial passion for the media led her to join the Master Systèmes d’Information, Télécoms et Média course at Paris Dauphine University, where she was able to acquire solid management skills on a work-study basis with production companies. This enabled her to develop solid skills in project management, logistics, team coordination and technical resources. As well as an in-depth understanding of the financial and legal aspects of the film and television industry. By continuing her studies at ESSEC Business School, she benefited from in-depth training in management and strategy, strengthening her ability to contribute to the business sector as a Future Leader. Her involvement in the Master in Management – Grande Ecole programme, with a specialisation provided by the Leading a Beauty Brand Chair, has enabled her to deepen her knowledge specifically focused on the beauty industry. The courses given as part of this specialisation cover subjects such as the creation and development of cosmetics brands, the marketing of beauty products and the distribution and growth strategy for companies in this sector. Through this training, she gained an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the beauty industry, as well as the skills needed to develop and run a successful brand. She has been able to put this extensive learning into practice by developing Pardi alongside her coursework, strengthening her ability to make informed and strategic decisions. What’s more, ESSEC Business School offers a stimulating environment conducive to entrepreneurship, exchanging ideas and meeting new people. She has had the opportunity to work with talented and diverse students, which has enriched her perspective and understanding of global business issues. Thanks to her academic and professional background, she is able to bring in-depth expertise in management and strategy to her role as CEO of Pardi. All in all, the professional skills she has acquired through ambitious practice in developing her brand alongside solid studies have given her invaluable expertise in project management, business management and business development. She is passionate about the cosmetics industry and wants to use her skills and leadership to drive the sector forward. As a Future Leader, she is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. All her professional and academic experience makes her an ideal candidate for this programme. She is determined to continue, to learn, to challenge herself and to lead innovative initiatives in the beauty and business management sector. Discover all Future Leaders

Julie ZIMMERMANN: As COO of Pardi, Julie has key responsibilities for the company’s marketing, logistics and finance. Her varied professional experience, ranging from start-ups to major companies such as American Express and Adobe, has given her solid skills in digital marketing and event management. Her international background is also a major asset. Having lived in London for 11 years, where she obtained her degree in Business Management at King’s College, as well as a semester at the University of Hong Kong, she has developed an international outlook that facilitates exchanges with their European suppliers and, ultimately, with their international suppliers and markets. This global perspective and her ability to navigate in culturally diverse contexts are key skills for a future leader.

As Future Leader, she is determined to continue developing Pardi by implementing effective marketing strategies, strengthening their supplier partnerships and expanding their presence in international markets. She is also committed to cultivating a supportive working environment by effectively managing human resources and fostering a company culture based on innovation and collaboration. She has also played a central role in organising launch parties, trade fairs and pop-up stores to promote their brand. Her rigorous management of logistics and stocks ensured efficient supply and an optimal customer experience. In summary, as COO of Pardi, she identifies as a Future Leader because she is passionate about developing her business. She is determined to continue to innovate and grow in the eco-responsible cosmetics market. Her professional experience, skills in marketing, human resources management and logistics, as well as her international outlook, enable her to meet the challenges of the sector and make a significant contribution as a Future Leader. Discover all Future Leaders

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