Takamaka Rum partners with Ecospirits

The Three Brothers distillery, producer of Takamaka rum, is collaborating with Ecospirits, creator of sustainable packaging, to introduce a closed-loop spirits distribution system in Seychelles.

To replace glass bottles, Ecospirits uses returnable “ecototes” instead of packaging waste.

Using the Ecospirits system, which will operate from Ecoplant No. 28, a container spirits processing facility on mahé island, Takamaka hopes to eliminate 91.4 percent of carbon emissions from its glass bottles.

Ecospirits has announced that Seychelles will launch its “Ocean” program, a limited edition of Ecotote, becoming the 27th market to adopt its technology. Each Ecotote, ocean conservation edition, purchased by a partner place will finance the removal of one kilogram of waste from beaches and protected waters!

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