Press Release | The ESEPAC and ESP Student Challenge projects supported by The Estée Lauder Companies

Easyfairs Oriex, organisers of Paris Packaging Week, have partnered with ESEPAC (École Supérieure Européenne de Packaging) and ESP (École Supérieure du Parfum), to organise a competition between students from the two schools. And today, we are excited to announce the student projects from the 6th edition of the competition!

Paris, 22 April 2022. For the theme of the 2022 competition – “How to reinvent unique, luxurious and sustainable consumer experiences for the luxury fragrance market” – students from both schools were asked to work on this specific brief and present it to the team at Paris Packaging Week and to The Estée Lauder Companies.

This year, the challenge was supported by Marc Lechanoine, Global Senior Vice President Creative Design & Packaging Innovation, from The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

During Paris Packaging Week, taking place 29 & 30 June 2022, the students will present the projects on stage during the PCD Talks and will also display them on the ESEPAC and ESP stands.

The five projects in the competition include: 


The new SCEAU solid perfume offers four solid perfumes chosen by you, along with an applicator and a pouch to carry your elements. This is packaged in a beautiful wooden box just like the perfume containers. You can choose if the fragrance is visible or not. In fact, the scented wax can be used as a light tattoo with a Japanese word and specific to the brand’s ethics. You can decide to stack the boxes or not – you are the only decision maker for this unique experience. The aim is to transcribe the Asian culture through the user experience.

  • Project: SMART-PERFUME

“What if your smartphone became your perfume?” 

The Smart-Perfume is a “nomadic” perfume device that allows the consumer to carry their perfume around with them at all times as it is attached to their smartphone. The perfume is contained in a refillable 15 ml aluminium bottle that slips into a leather pouch magnetized to the back of a smartphone. The pouch is fully customisable to your liking. The bottle can be refilled both at the shop and at home thanks to a connected wooden base that allows you to recharge both your phone and your bottle of perfume.

Watch the ‘Smart perfume’ concept video here:


The concept lies in a mysterious room that gives the customer a whole new experience when creating a fragrance. You will receive a key that grants access to a secret room where you will create your own unique fragrance and customise the bottle’s packaging. The key to the creation room is used as an applicator for the perfume by immersing part of it in the bottle. After this first experience, the consumer will have the opportunity to make the bottle a real jewel. Indeed, the customer will be able to regularly come and refill the bottle in the shop. Every time they refill their bottle, they will receive a jewel called “Charms” to insert on the perfume case. This concept is part of a respectful and sustainable approach to the environment, notably through the use of recyclable and recycled materials for the bottle and its accessories. With this, consumers can customise a permanent product to suit their needs.

  • Project: OURÉA

The concept, Ouréa, is inspired by gua sha stones and the sensations of massaging while being scented. The students created an applicator that allows the stone to turn on itself, simulating this massage sensation.  Ergonomically, the three curved sides of the cap are designed to fit the shape of the fingers, making it easy for the consumer to apply. Aesthetically, the multi-faceted glass bottle is reminiscent of the shape of a precious stone and, depending on the different angles of view, provides an interesting visual effect, thus responding to the codes of the luxury world.

Watch the ‘Stylux Ourea’ concept video here:


Very Instant Perfume comes in 3 parts:

  • The perfume packaging is a small capacity flask with a 3D visual inside equipped with a roll-on. The flask is made of plastic and gold/silver metal.
  • The fountains in shops are rotating and allow you to choose your perfume. They are made of glass columns.
  • A commissionable limousine will pick you up to recharge your perfume and enjoy a luxurious experience.
  • With Very Instant Perfume, the customer will be able to live a unique experience. The customer will buy the bottle in the shop (nomadic format) with a leather pouch to protect it and carry it with them at all times. This 15 ml bottle can be refilled at any time of the day because of the limousine and rotating fountains via the application. With Very Instant Service, refill your perfume where you want, when you want.

Watch the ‘Very Instant Perfume’ concept video here:

For any requests of visuals of the projects: 

About ESP – École Supérieure du Parfum

Founded in 2011, the École Supérieure du Parfum offers post-graduate Master’s degrees in Paris and Grasse, enabling young professionals to master the creative process while learning about production, quality, marketing and sales. Since its creation, this project has benefited from the support of numerous companies and institutions in the perfume industry.

Located in the heart of Paris, in the Cambronne district, the ESP benefits from more than 1000m2 of entirely renovated premises, housing, three laboratories specialised in perfume creation, one in chemistry/cosmetics and the other in aromas. The students participating in the competition take the Master’s degree of “Creation and Management of the Cosmetic Industry”, registered in the RNCP at level I. The ESP also provides the professional part of the Master FESAPCA (ex-Master FESIPCA) in partnership with the University of Versailles Saint Quentin. In September 2018, the School opened a campus in Grasse to participate in the transmission of Grasse know-how in the framework of its recognition by UNESCO. Located in the centre of Grasse, the school benefits from more than 600m2 of space including a chemistry and perfume creation laboratory as well as general teaching rooms in order to offer a Master’s degree in “Valorisation and commercialisation of plants, perfumes and aromas”.

About ESEPAC – École Supérieure Européenne de Packaging

For 30 years, ESEPAC has been training students with scientific or technical backgrounds from all regions of France and abroad. It offers:

  • Master’s degree in Design Engineering, Packaging Engineering course since 2005 and Digital course since 2019
  • Professional degree in Packaging since 2009
  • ESEPAC, with a view to quality and professionalism, under the impetus of the CCI, the University of Clermont Auvergne and industrialists in the field of Packaging:
  • Has become the leader in higher education in packaging in France, with the only Master’s degree in this field and classes of over 150 students.
  • Has developed a very strong partnership with companies such as LVMH, Nestlé, GSK, Smurfit Kappa France, Leygatech, International Paper, DS SMITH etc. In 2018, it signed a partnership with Pierre Fabre to promote the MIP15 masters, in 2019 with Mondelez for the MIP16, in 2020 with Christian DIOR perfumes and 2021 with Décathlon. It manages a portfolio of more than 500 partner companies (work-study, internships, interventions, professional training, industrial studies and projects, sponsorship, etc.).
  • Develops its support to industrialists through continuous training, conformity tests and prototyping, through its commercial structure Pack Avenir ESEPAC offers training to professionals.

About Paris Packaging Week 

Paris Packaging Week features three co-located events that inspire innovation and drive business in packaging for beauty and luxury products, premium drinks, and aerosols and dispensing systems. It takes place in the global capital of the beauty and luxury business, Paris, connecting over 10,000 professionals in the packaging sector from across Europe and more than 600 of the world’s most innovative suppliers to help define the future of packaging in their sectors.

ADF, launched in 2007, is the world’s only annual gathering of the aerosol and dispensing systems community. It connects more than 150 suppliers with packaging developers and buyers in the personal care, household products, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial products markets. 

PCD, launched in 2001, sets the global agenda for packaging innovators and suppliers in the perfume, cosmetics and skincare sectors. It connects packaging specifiers from the world’s biggest beauty businesses, as well as indie beauty businesses, with more than 450 leading packaging suppliers.

PLD, launched in 2020, is dedicated to driving packaging innovation and business in the global market for premium and luxury drinks. The event connects more than 150 suppliers of packaging for wine, spirits, sparkling wine and other premium drinks with the leading drinks brands.

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