Student competition project #1 supported by Estee Lauder: PERFUME MADE VISIBLE LES SCEAUX

For the theme of the 2022 competition – “How to reinvent unique, luxurious and sustainable consumer experiences for the luxury fragrance market” – students from both schools were asked to work on this specific brief and present it to the team at Paris Packaging Week and to The Estée Lauder Companies.


The new SCEAU solid perfume offers four solid perfumes chosen by you, along with an applicator and a pouch to carry your elements. This is packaged in a beautiful wooden box just like the perfume containers. You can choose if the fragrance is visible or not. In fact, the scented wax can be used as a light tattoo with a Japanese word and specific to the brand’s ethics. You can decide to stack the boxes or not – you are the only decision maker for this unique experience. The aim is to transcribe the Asian culture through the user experience.

The projects will be presented on stage and exhibited on the schools’ (ESEPAC and ESP) stand at Paris Packaging Week on 29 and 30 June 2022. Register now to get involved! 

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