World’s first paper bottle for wines and spirits set to reach 2 millionth bottle in 2022

Frugalpac is a sustainable packaging company founded in the UK which has created the world’s first paper bottle for wines and spirits. It is currently marking the second anniversary of its Frugal bottle with the news that it is set to produce its two-millionth paper bottle in 2022.

The Frugal Bottle, made from 94% recycled paper, is said to use six times less carbon than a glass bottle and four times less water to produce and dispose of. This, in turn, means that Frugalpac will manage to save 932 tonnes of CO2 and 3.8m litres of water. This is the equivalent of saving CO2 emissions from 2.3 millions of driving in a petrol car.

Sustainability is the driving force behind this brand, and Susana Patten, the supply chain manager, has said, “We’re motivated by a passion to protect our environment. Our already recycled, recyclable products will help to eliminate the insane levels of waste that exist in society today.”

Frugalpac is now used by 27 olive oil, wine and spirits brands around the world. With this in mind, Frugalpac aims to produce 120m Frugal Bottles for drinks producers internationally.

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