Dairy packaging experts adapt R&D to keep pace with consumer trends in filling, sealing and sheathing

Packaging Insights spoke to ProAmpac and SIG about new trends in dairy packaging, highlighting aspects such as the use of environmentally-friendly materials and innovations to optimise shelf life.

Mr Golub, F&B market manager at ProAmpac, points out that the industry will be stimulated by collaboration and innovation, incorporating innovative packaging and bio-based materials.

“Our dairy packaging options, such as ProFlex, our lidding solutions and the recyclable ProActive RP-1000, are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of dairy products,” “These solutions offer very low sealing temperatures to ensure the quality of the dairy product, exceptionally good flex fatigue to ensure there are no pinhole failures in the package and many other features unique to the high demands of dairy markets.” said Charles Golub.

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