Indie brand to watch: Discover New Zealand’s Raaie skincare

In the ever-changing beauty industry, where a blend of aesthetics, ethics, and efficacy shape consumer preferences, indie brands like Raaie from New Zealand, continue to carve out a distinct niche. Monia Merabet, Founder of We Out Wow, gives us the lowdown.

Raaie has gained attention on the indie brand stage for its one-of-a-kind minimalist packaging. From a design perspective, the skincare brand’s organic, pebble-shaped packs were conceived to mirror the landscapes of its native New Zealand, while highlighting its commitment to minimizing waste and encouraging packaging reuse.

Indeed, Raaie stipulates that sustainability is a critical aspect of its brand identity, an approach embodied in the brand’s take-back program: for the serum, elixir and sunscreen glass bottles, the brand will collect the packs free of charge, clean them and refill them in their laboratory (to ensure the formula is unadulterated). Participating customers receive 20% off their next purchase to encourage this circular approach.

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