ADF Innovation Awards Spotlight | Lysol Air Sanitizer

In December 2023, our prestigious jury from brands including KAO, Beiersdorf, Unilever and many more came together to judge the ADF Innovation Awards. The finalists and winners were announced, recognised and applauded at Paris Packaging Week 2024.


Please describe the brief for the pack. What were the objectives for the innovation project? What were the requirements and constraints?

This endeavour required a very special and unique approach. The requirement of the project was that the pack needs to be constructed of non-bespoke items and offer a distinct brand look with superior ergonomics.

While the pack needed to stand out, its functionality was the primary constraint. The aerosol pack needed to be effective at volatizing the active material and offer sufficient projection of the product to maximize room coverage. Typically, this activity is handled via the use of heat or a high-pressured mechanical device, so the package developed needed to accomplish a high standard.

How did the pack fulfil the brief? Please describe the technical innovations in the pack and the challenges they address.

This pack not only needed to look and feel good but it was critical that it deliver a low vapor pressure active material in a vapor state. By manipulating the propellant, actuator mechanical breakup insert, valve stem orifices and stem vapor taps, we achieved a package that delivered the active material in a vapor state with sufficient projection.

Projection was key as it was needed to distribute the activity throughout the space. The vapor state of the active was elemental as we needed to generate a supersaturated vapor of the active to facilitate the partitioning onto the organisms.

Why do you believe this pack deserves to win an Innovation Award?

This pack deserves to win due its ability to achieve a unique look and feel using existing packing templates and its ability to create a high performance dispersion of the product.

This package gives the public an inexpensive, instant action approach to air sanitization – something which in the past has been achieved via devices and high cost apparati.

Who did you work with on this project?

  • Summit Packaging Systems for valve design implementation
  • Aptar Group Inc. for Actuator and Mechanical Breakup Insert Creation
  • DS Container for Aerosol Can Mechanicals and On Can Lux Printing

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